Five Free Movie Streaming Sites That You Can Enjoy

Movie streaming sites are very abundant today. People watch movies on their phones and mobile devices through the ease of using the internet. You can watch movies on the go or just plug it to your TV to enjoy it the old-fashioned way. You have the ones where you can pay for their services for. That’s really good as you are guaranteed with top-notch quality but there are good and reliable sites that you can use minus the payment. Free sites tend to be questionable but there are those that are good to go without the hassle of using them. Here are just five streaming sites that you can use for free without the fear of any repercussions.

The first thing that you need to know about is that it is free so that is a good hook right away. Let us take a look first at their website in terms of the aesthetics. The site itself has a dark to a black colored background which is perfect if you’re not watching in full screen. The site not only features movies but TV shows as well so you can binge watch seasons of shows that you may have missed or would want to start watching.

The homepage features a combination of the latest and most popular movies on top 123movies and TV shows that you can choose from. They are still separated into their categories but if you want to know what’s hot you can also check out their trending page just to give you an idea as to which ones you would want to watch. Their library is also quite good with a lot of movies and shows dating back to older years. You might want to try today to see what you can get.

When you want to watch a lot of movies and for free then Top123movies is for you. Their website is and they have more than just movies as they also have some TV shows with complete seasons and episodes. Navigating through the site is very easy. There are different pages for you to look up depending on the movie and TV show that you would want to see. If you also want something specific to watch then just hit on the search bar the title. If it is available then it will pop up for you to see.

The watchfmovies also has star ratings for the movies and shows. That is to help determine if they would want to watch it provided that they haven’t seen it yet. The default players that they use is openload but they have other links to other players in case the default one doesn’t work. The thing to remember is that Top123movies is free. Yo don’t have to pay for anything and you can get your fill of entertainment.

Why don’t you go to if you want to watch free movies on f movies and TV shows today. That’s right with your device and access to the internet, you can start streaming these things with ease. When we say free, these movies and shows don’t have a fee for you to watch. You don’t have to pay for anything as the site is supported by ads. Speaking of ads, they may be popping up but won’t really stop your video for it. Think of them as harmless popup ads that will come out before the movie begins.

The site offers a lot of movies of different genres that you can enjoy. It is very easy to browse through the sites with a lot of their movies and shows available. We guarantee that the site is safe to use so you don’t have to worry about getting a virus or things that can harm your device. You should try FMovies today to see what you can get and for free.

If you’ve been using movie streaming sites for a long time then you’ve heard of putlocker. There are a lot of different movie streaming sites using the putlocker name. It can have different variations but the word putlocker is there so why not add to the mix. This is a free movie streaming site that you can use. It also has several TV shows that you can select as well. You can see on the homepage the recommended movies and shows that you might want to watch. You can find more details on putlockers tv on the site

Just load the movie that you want and select the player that you find convenient. There could be some players that will not play but the good thing is that you have a selection of links to choose from. The site has some of the latest movies and shows that you can watch as well as classics in its library. lives up to the putlocker name so this site is good to use for your streaming needs.

One more movie streaming site that you can use would be The site uses a nice black background which is perfect since it gives you that cinematic feel. This is also good when you don’t want to watch in full screen because the black background complements it. Overall, the site’s aesthetics are pleasant and arranged to look at. has various tutorials related to yesmovies.

In terms of the movies and TV shows that you can watch, it has a lot. A lot of TV shows are available on this site with complete seasons and updated episodes if the shows are still running. They can also have the latest movies and some of them are from the ones that are still on the theaters. They are in camera quality but they can update it when the digital releases come. One more thing you need to know is that is a free site so there’s no need for you to pay up and just enjoy the movies as much as you want.